It looks like Rihanna might be going on tour later this year. On Wednesday, which happens to Rihanna’s 31st birthday, tour dates for the pop singer starting appearing online unbeknownst. If you search “Rihanna tour dates” in Google, you’ll now see a few dates pop up beginning as early as April in Portland, Maine, while other dates are throughout the Summer & Fall.

Of course this isn’t a tour announcement and probably a mistake on Google’s end to prematurely reveal these tour dates, but it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

Rihanna has been teasing her long awaited album a while now, most recently saying it’s all but finished, so the tour dates were pretty inevitable. Hell, just last week Rihanna was spotted at a business lunch with Jay Z, sparking rumors of a possible collab between the two. We’ll have to wait and find out the details when Rihanna wants to announce them, but they’re definitely coming.

Check out a screenshot of Rihanna’s 2019 tour dates (below) and sound off in the comments.