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Young M.A. Don’t Love Thotties On Her “Thotiana” Remix


Young M.A. is back with some new heat.

Young M.A. is always dropping heat, whether it’s her own tracks or she’s remixing someone else’s. Anytime she’s remixed another person’s track, she completely bodies the beat in a way the original creator couldn’t. Yesterday, she teased a remix to Blueface’s top 10 hit single, “Thotiana.” Today, she delivers the track with an accompanying visual.Young M.A. is back with the release of her long-awaited “Thotiana” remix. The rapper takes on the Westcoast production effortlessly, going in on the track for roughly 2 minutes straight. M.A.’s remix of “Thotiana” arrives less than a week after she dropped the video for her latest single “Stubborn Ass” which featured the gorgeous Bernice Burgos.The video for “Thotiana” was directed by ShotByCisco and features Young M.A. rapping to the camera while surrounded by homies and several “Thotianas.”Peep the song and video below and keep your eyes peeled for more new music from Young M.A.

Quotable Lyrics
Ouu Thotiana
Half savage, half primadonna
I don’t want the cheque if I don’t see a comma
When I see her pussy, I see the Bahamas
You wanna cry in the Bentley or cry in the Honda?
You want the steak and lobster or do you want McDonald’s?

Ace Hood Drops “Count On” Leading Up To “Body Bag 5” Album Release


“Count On” is the third single Ace Hood has released from his upcoming project.

Florida rapper Ace Hood is gearing up for the release for his fifth project Body Bag 5, dropping his new single “Count On” on Wednesday. Leading up to the March 1 release date, Ace Hood previously stated on Twitter that he’d be blessing fans with a new track each week to keep everyone on their toes. Partnering with Datpiff, the rapper has already dropped “Practice,” “GOAT EMOJI,” and “In My Bag.” Body Bag 5 isn’t the only anticipated album that Ace Hood has up his sleeve for 2019 as he told at the 2018 BET Awards red carpet that he’s also giving fans a new record with his 21st mixtape, Trust the Process 3.Meanwhile, check out “Count On” and let us know which of Ace Hood’s Body Bag 5 singles you’re feeling the most!Quotable Lyrics
I mix the ganja with the Hen, I’m tryin’ to find the zone
Get that hate up out your heart or you may die alone
You put some real ones in your circle that won’t tell you wrong

Big Sean Joins Icewear Vezzo On New Song “Balance”


Listen to new Big Sean & Icewear Vezzo called “Balance.”

Coming off the release of his Clarity 6 project back in December, rising Detroit rapper Icewear Vezzo decides to return to the scene today and share his first single of 2019 called “Balance” featuring fellow Motor City spitter Big Sean.

Over production from Kinggdd, Sean switches his flows & spits his usual witty metaphors and slick wordplay, rapping… “I can’t trust a f*cking thing you telling me/I done been through everything except a wedding ring/ Had to block my old bitch, yeah she dead to me/ Being on is my mother fuckin’ destiny.”

Available on iTunes, take a listen to the new Detroit collab and let us know what you think. Look for a music video to be on the way, as well as more new music from Big Sean. Stay tuned.

Quotable Lyrics:

It feel good to be home, it feel good to be back on
All my business’ black owned, shout out Cardi Carleone
I’da been thru all the drama that you put inside your songs
Look I took the step back step back step back now we on woah

– Sean Don

Cuban Doll Gives Blueface’s “Thotiana” Her Own Little Spin

image via hnhh

image via hnhh

Thotiana (Remix)

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Cuban Doll brings her inner-savage to life on the “Thotiana” remix.

It had to be done, Cuban Doll is the latest hop on “Thotiana” remix of her own accord, by no means associated with the Blueface original. Reserved seating went to YG and Cardi B unfortunately. Cuban Doll takes the task of putting her “Thotiana” pedigree with the utmost respect to the unvarnished truth – her “on the nose” depiction both lyrical and cinematic, sees her drum up a SAG award performance on 240p resolution.She gets on the couch without so much as consenting terms, because the “Thotiana” shoot period is her moment to exhume the holy ghost of Rick James. “Ass up-face down, turn around,” Cuban Doll raps, as she aptly demonstrates the technique with her head on a swivel. In all honesty, Cuban Doll’s “remix” if that, is essentially just a refix of Blueface’s hook-happy limerick, the remaining parts play out like the instructional guide for Thot aspirants.Quotable Lyrics:

I fuck him every day like I need dick
Ass up-face down, turn around
Vibrate make you shake like an earthquake
Freak b*tch like a n***a on some street sh*t.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Deliver “Flat Tummy Tea” For The Weak At Heart


Freddie Gibbs & Madlib premiere their first music since “Piñata” in 2014.

The duo that gave us Piñata in 2014 is back for seconds. Freddie Gibbs and producer-extraordinaire Madlib are back to present us “Flat Tummy Tea,” the first of many offerings from a presumably finished Bandana project.

Gibbs wastes little time letting off a webbed-flow over Madlib’s Vaudevillesque beat, giving the listener the impression that a gothic travesty is just awaiting us at the next turnstile. This is perhaps an element of Surrealism Madlib has brought to the table. But Freddie wasn’t completely taskless in the post and pre-production phases of creation – especially on the eve of the song’s release when he used a “bloat free, bitch” tagline to pitch the fictitious “Flat Tummy” product.

It stands to reason that neither Madlib or Freddie Gibbs would be content with stringing together a series of discombobulated songs. “Skinny Boy or Girl” products are reasonably offensive to those of us trying to put a modest face in the morning, but when Freddie Gibbs and Madlib plugging about, you know the product ruse is contrarian at heart.

Quotable Lyrics:

Gold body my jeweler he Black Mummy-me
I be in these b*tches tummies like Flat Tummy Tea
Crackers came to Africa, ravaged ruffle they rummage me
America was the name of they fuckin’ company.

– Freddie Gibbs


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