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Hottest News – February 2019

2 Chainz Accuses Nike Of Stealing His Cover Art: “I’m Happy I Could Influence You”

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2 Chainz pens a biting letter in response to Nike copying his cover design.

2 Chainz is not too happy with Nike because as he sees it, the company is guilty of plagiarism. The rapper whose forthcoming project Rap & Go To The League is set to debut in March, jumped on Instagram to voice his displeasure over the proto-release of a Nike Zoom Fly SP sneaker which bears a strong resemblance in color and theme, to the cover art on his 2017 LP Pretty Girls Like Trap Music – see for yourself.

2 Chainz’s address starts on a gratuitous note, as he gives thanks to Nike for the influence the company has imparted on his own personal brand. But things get sardonic fast at the midway mark of the paragraph when 2 Chainz makes non-idiomatic use of the expression “With that being said” to segue into biting criticism. Seeing 2 Chainz belie into letter form is something to behold.

“I’m happy I could influence you guys to make this shoe based off my last album #prettygirlsliketrapmusic ! I met a few really good and cool @nike reps in Charlotte this past weekend and looking forward to speaking to someone soon about this ! Love Always , Negotiating Toni,” 2 Chainz professes in a mellow tone meant to mitigate his actual resentment.

2 Chainz did eventually find a moment to plug his new project Rap & Go To The League before signing off completely. In the subsequent Instagram post (above), the Def Jam artist reminded us all of the fact: Pretty Girls Like Trap Music went Platinum, an achievement he has every intention of repeating in future outings.

Beyonce & Jay Z Didn’t Pay For Meghan Markle Painting

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The artist said he would’ve like to have gotten paid, but he’s cool with it.

On Wednesday, Jay Z & Beyonce made headlines after they gave a speech at the Brit Awards while standing in front of a Meghan Markle painting. The power couple said they chose the painting of Meghan in honor of Black History Month, and later Beyonce congratulated her on her pregnancy on IG.

“In honor of Black History Month, we bow down to one of our Melanated Monas,” Beyonce wrote. “Congrats on your pregnancy! We wish you so much joy.”

Well thanks to the power of the Carters, the painting has received a ton of publicity ever since, and the man responsible for it is getting nothing for it. Artist Tim O’Brien tells TMZ that he was shocked and honored to see his artwork behind the Carters, but he still would’ve like to received some compensation.

“It would be been nice to profit someway, but that’s not what this is what its about,” he said. He added that no one from Jay and Beyonce’s camps hit him up for permission to use it either.

Thankfully the artist is taking this all very cool and isn’t going to take legal actions against the Carters. He’s just happy to get the publicity anyway he can, but admits that doesn’t pay the bills though. Check out his chat with TMZ (below).

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