If you were tuned in during NBA All-Star Weekend, you likely spotted Gucci Manemore than a few times on the sidelines. He was posted up with his wife Keyshia Ka’oir for much of the weekend, flashing their new extravagant jewelry purchases. Last week, Gucci Mane was caught up in some child support drama with one of his exes who is claiming that Guwop refuses to hand over his financial documents. If he doesn’t provide his finances, there is no way for the judge to appropriately determine a monthly amount for Sheena Evans to receive to take care of her baby. Now, it appears as though Gucci is responding with subliminals on his social accounts.

The rapper shared a photo of himself from Charlotte, sending a brutal message in the caption. “I’ll never ever let a bitch extort me,” wrote the Atlanta icon. It’s possible that this post has nothing to do with Evans and the ongoing child support battle but the timing seems pretty spot on for it to just be coincidental.

Sheena Evans is looking for her child support payments to be changed from $2K to $20K per month. She is using his $1 million wedding as proof that his income has significantly improved since his incarceration. While that’s likely true, Gucci isn’t exactly speeding up the process by cooperating with her demands.

Jeff Hahne/Getty Images