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December 2018

Donell Jones & Left Eye’s “U Know What’s Up” Was No. 1 When Y2K Hit


Donnel Jones and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes were a classic pairing.

Before Jacquees became his “understudy” and he went into semi-retirement, Donell Jones was mystic entity in the R&B game. On the video version for his seminal hit “U Know What’s Up,” Donell allowed TLC’s Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes to show us her untamed spirit. The accompanying video put it best. Left Eye receives a phone call, briefly putting her in a frantic state. In the next prolongment of the scene, she closes the dial tone, turns on the TV and to her surprise, her bright mug is on the screen. Donell Jones put her in the video!The solo version of “U Know What’s Up” was just as memorable as the “Left Eye” version popular Today. In its inception, Jones’ breakout record catapulted him to the top of the R&B/Hip-Hop Billboard chart for eight weeks straight, only to be upstaged by Missy ElliottNasEve, and Q-Tip, when the Y2K crisis fizzled out in the new year.

Quotable Lyrics:

Don’t let another one get near me if you wanna be true
And show me that nobody else can do it better than you
So if you’re serious, I’m curious to see what you got
But love is furious cause I believe in blowing up spots.

-Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

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