Hottest Songs – December 2018

Meek Mill, Young Thug, Future & Roddy Ricch Issue A “Splash Warning”


Meek Mill taps Roddy Ricch, Future, and Young Thug on “Splash Waterfall.”

Quotable Lyrics:Chocolate bitch, Yoo-Hoo
Chopper stick, two two
Threes lift your tutu
Please, you ain’t cool cool
Run up on me, you lose
Hustle like I’m Nipsey
My bitch look like NuNu.

Meek Mill


Lil Baby, Gucci Mane & 2 Chainz Are Untouchable “Anyway”: Listen


Stunting from Atlanta.

Quotable Lyrics
Big bully, crushed my peers
So now I pick on myself (Huh)
Highly decorated soldier, I got hits on my belt
Big diamond choker chokin’ on me, man like Conor McGregor- Gucci Mane

Big K.R.I.T. Spits A Glorious Pep Talk On “Pick Yourself Up”


The rapper goes 2 for 2.

Quotable LyricsAw mane, cold game, if these walls could talk
They’d say “stack that shit, nigga get that vault”
Youngin’ say he fucked up, that shit ain’t my fault
Nigga pay them dues, nigga pay that cost
Pick yourself up

Earl Sweatshirt Takes “The Bends” With Efficacy


Earl comes correct on “The Bends.”

Quotable Lyrics:

Bend, we don’t break, we not the bank
Switch whips, relocate all the way out of state
Tell my queens, “Keep mace”
Keep faith, brother man
They stable full of sheep, we stayin’ on the lam
Game isn’t cheap.

Saweetie Flexes On Haters With New Single “Pissed”


Listen to Saweetie’s new single “Pissed.”

Quotable Lyrics:

‘Bout to piss on you niggas
‘Bout to piss on you bitches
How you posting pictures with me
But you throwing up disses?
When I see ’em out in public
I be blowing ’em kisses
I go by in the Benzy and I be throwing up digits

Kaytranada & Shay Lia Step To The Dancefloor On Disco-Tinged “Chances”


Let the disco-balls hang freely.

Quotable Lyrics

Don’t let them slow you
You know you’re getting closer
You’re bound to be golden
Keep on doin’ what you do
Life opens doors, and can’t nobody close them

Big K.R.I.T. Shares His Credentials On “Learned From Texas”


Big K.R.I.T. is a viable contender for hip-hop’s most slept on lyricist.

Quotable LyricsPopping up twice, trunk shaking like a fifth full of dice
Rich gang like a cooler of ice
Chandelier-like who need some light?
UFOs like who need a ride

Meek Mill & Drake Reunite On “Going Bad”


Philly x Toronto, stand up.

Quotable Lyrics
Don’t just say you’re down, you gotta show me (What you gotta do?)
Bring the clip back empty (It’s empty)
You asked to see the boss, so they sent me, dawg (Sent me, dawg)
I just broke her off with a 10-piece, dawg (10-piece, dawg)
That ain’t nothin’, I’m just bein’ friendly, dawg

Meek Mill, Jay-Z & Rick Ross Collect Interest On “What’s Free”


Three rap titans intertwine for a truly impeccable dynamic.

Quotable Lyrics

Lock me in the cell for all them nights and I won’t snap, uh
Two-fifty a show and they still think I’m sellin’ crack
When you bring my name up to the judge just tell em’ facts
Tell em how we fundin’ all these kids to go to college
Tell him how we ceasin’ all these wars, stoppin’ violence
Tryna fix the system and the way they designed it
I think they want me silenced
Oh say can you see, I don’t feel like I’m free
Locked down in my cell, shackled from ankle to feet
Judge bangin’ that gavel turned me to slave from a king
Another day in the bing, I gotta hang from a string

– Meek Mill

Gucci Mane & Quavo Are “BiPolar”


The “Evil Genius” is “BiPolar”

Quotable Lyrics
Bipolar with the check (Bipolar)
I just put some crazy ’round my neck (Bipolar)
Bipolar on my wrist (Bipolar)
Bipolar, man I keep on switchin’ whips (Bipolar)

Chance The Rapper And Joey Purp Drop Off “My Own Thing”


Chance is in his own lane.

Quotable Lyrics
Please don’t hit me in my DM
Promise that my BM gonna slide when she see ’em
I know she ‘gon see ’em ’cause I’m deffo finna show her
Take her to the culprit and then take her to the store

Offset Goes In Over Metro Boomin’s Gorgeous Production On “Red Room”


Offset drops solo fire.

Quotable Lyrics
Ridin’ through the city, thirty mags
Niggas snitchin’ they the police with no badge
How I grew up, my momma was my dad
So when I blew up, I put her in the pad

UPDATE:The song has been wiped from streaming services. We’ll keep you posted when more info becomes available.

Chance The Rapper Wonders What To Get “The Man Who Has Everything”


Chance with the Christmas soul.

Quotable Lyrics
Don’t gifts get rewrapped?
That shit could get sticky like tree sap
I gave you free raps, that shit sound like free facts
Which is ’bout as common as free Blacks

Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne Rep Young Money On “Good Form” Remix


Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne ponder the benefits of an “all-cookie” diet.

Even though they may grow apart, the foundational trifecta of the Young Money imprint will never die. Though it has been a minute since we’ve heard Drake, Wayne, and Nicki Minaj trade bars on the same track, it’s clear the mutual respect remains strong. Now, label capo Weezy F. Baby has linked up with the Queen for a new take on “Good Form,” an ode to cunnilingus and proper posture. In that sense, Weezy feels like a right proper candidate, given his own scope of interests.

In some ways, “Good Form” feels like a spiritual successor to “Rich Sex,” albeit a more spirited and playful take. One has to give full credit to Weezy for sliding through, as he’s been on somewhat of a post-Carter V tear. Speaking of tear, the man comes through with one of the year’s best and worst lines to date: “you make that ass jump like my heartbeat, and if you let me eat the pussy then it’s shark week.” Nicki certainly makes her presence felt throughout the track’s visuals, and those looking to watch this one at work better have a boss that’s down for the cause. There’s even a Tygacameo to look for; after all, one cannot have that many asses in one room without T-Raww coming a-callin’.

Quotable Lyrics

You make that ass jump like my heartbeat
And if you let me eat the pussy then it’s shark week
Hello may I speak to Tunechi, may I ask who’s callin’?
Everybody got the juice without a glass to pour it
I want my cake and eat it too and after that I’m starvin
I feel like Adam but I’m bout to eat an apple on ya

Tekashi 6ix9ine & Tory Lanez Pull Their Own Stunts On “KIKA”


Tekashi 6ix9ine and Tory Lanez score themselves a hit.

Quotable Lyrics:They be beggin’ me to keep the bitch, but I don’t need the bitch
Ray Charles, John Cena shit, I can’t see the bitch
In the DM sendin’ naked pics, Uber that bitch.
But I send her in the pool even though I’m rich as shit.

-Tekashi 6ix9ine

Cam’ron & The Diplomats Unite With Jadakiss’ D-Block For “Dipset / Lox”


Dipset and D-Block.. Yes please!

Quotable Lyrics:

Look, we the Dips, Freekey, Juelz, where Capo at?
Y’all just dip salsa, where the nachos at?
In the jungle, same place they killed Pablo at.
We handle beef with shells, that’s a taco fact
Pulled a gun on Zeek, he say, “What y’all gon’ do with that?”
They shot him, he smiled, they said, “Who is that?”
Understandin’ n****s ain’t understand my vision.

Trey Songz, Chris Brown, & Fabolous “Don’t Say Sh*t”


Keep it on the low.

Quotable Lyrics
Pull up to that hotel, huh?
I don’t talk, hoes tell, huh?
Know you heard stories ’bout me
Those are just hoe tales, huh?
Got them bitches wholesale, huh?
And you know them hoes sell, huh?
Heard a nigga tryna cuff you
Feel like you in hoe jail, huh?

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