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Roy Ayers (Live) ll Barby ll 19.7

Hi All,

Last Thursday The King Of Neo Soul , Roy Ayers & His Band Preformed at Barby Club TLV .

This is the first time i’m goin’ to his concert and it was electrifying , amazin’ and soulful .

Roy Preformed his known Songs , Here’s a few photos from that show .

He preformed all of his known and best songs , sounds in live as much as its original recordings .

Concert website :

“Everybody Loves The Sunshine”


“Red, Black , Green”

“Runnin’ Away”

“Don’t Stop The Feeling”

among many others he preformed as well .

One of My favorite Songs is : “Everybody Loves The Sunshine”

Damn, So emotional Song that takes you to a relax place , a chill one , it’s that kinda song that makes you wanna smoke to , got me into tears a lil’ bit .

Today, I understand why Roy Ayers legacy and his songs are very unique to hip hop community , almost every artists worked with him like Kanye West , Talib Kweli , Mary J Blige , Guru (Of GangStarr) R.I.P , he got sampled by them and also by Pete Rock & CL Smooth aka Mecca & The Soul Brother No.1# .

He’s a true legend , I’ve enjoyed the concert a lot , the vibe he came with it ….


התמונה של ‏‎Idan Naftali‎‏.

התמונה של ‏‎Idan Naftali‎‏.

התמונה של ‏‎Idan Naftali‎‏.

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